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Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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Laptops are very useful because of their mobility which lets users bring them from one place to another without any trouble at all. The downside of using laptops is the need for a wireless router which can be hacked by almost anyone in your local area. Using Zamzom wireless network tool you can avoid this from happening.

With the Zamzom wireless network tool you can detect who is accessing your wireless network. This software will give you full details about each computer or device that is connected to your network including the IP address and the computer’s name.

Because of the constant advancements of hacking tools, connecting to a wireless network is easier than you may think. Zamzom wireless network tool is a must have security software for personal use and even for businesses in order to avoid being hacked and to avoid paying more for Internet usage that you didn’t even use.

Trial Version Limitations:

- Some functions are restricted.

Multiple Computers on a Single Wireless Network? Find Out Who with Zamzom’s New Wireless Network Tool

Helping to protect wireless networks and maintain computer security, new freeware tool by Zamzom allows users to detect all computer names, Mac and IP addresses utilizing a single wireless network. Within seconds, Zamzom reveals all computers – both authorized and unauthorized – who have access to any given wireless network.

Worried about wireless security? New wireless network tool by Zamzom instantly provides users with information on each and every computer that has access to their wireless networks, including authorized and unauthorized users. From computer and user names to Mac and IP addresses, Zamzom wireless networking tool even identifies computers unseen in a program neighborhood and computers that can’t be pinged.

Most people rush through the setup process when it comes to establishing a new wireless network, says Per Hansen of

“That’s totally understandable, but it’s also quite risky because of security reasons,” he confirms. “A study of financial districts showed that 57 percent of the wireless networks were open or used weak WEP encryption.”

As wireless technology has developed and increased, so have the number of security risks. Hacking methods have become much more sophisticated and innovative, leaving companies, personal computers, and any other wireless device wide open and vulnerable. While there are a number of different methods of accessing a wireless network, there are also various manners in which to secure a network and counteract threats.

Zamzom wireless network tool does just that by informing users of precisely who is accessing their networks so that they can go about protecting their personal and company information.

Within 10 seconds, Zamzom helps users take valuable steps toward properly securing their wireless networks – a measure that should not be overlooked

System Requirements:

Framework 3.5

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zamzom wireless basic setup.msi msi 526.00kB 01.07.09 N/A Windows Download
zamzom wireless basic setup.msi msi 526.00kB 01.07.09 N/A Windows Download
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